Printable Halloween Masks

Cute and simple printable Halloween masks for young kids! Black cat, skull, spider, strange green monster with blood-shot eyes, Jack-O-Lantern and moth make for quick disguises for Halloween day fun. Aren’t they s~c~a~r~y? Well, bigger kids who want more gross versions may not be impressed, but these would be perfect for the cute little ones.

Use them as the simplest Halloween disguises or combine with full costume ideas! Children can choose their favorite masks and come up with their own ideas for complete outfits.
You can also make them in felt, using these printables as templates. There are also blank templates for printing on colored papers or coloring in your own creepy creations!

You will need

paper (heavy weight stock is recommended so it doesn’t tear easily)
craft knife (to cut holes, adults only!)
string or rubber bands


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5 Responses to Printable Halloween Masks

  1. I’m having the following issue with the black spider mask:
    “The secure download manager ran into a problem that it couldn’t handle, and is unable to process your download request. Please contact the site administrator.

    Please tell the site administrator the problem was due to the following reason:
    The file (on the server) containing your download couldn’t be opened.”
    The ‘blank’ spider mask works but I’d like to print out the one that is already colored. Suggestions? Thanks.

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