Letter from Santa

When children write to Santa, it's super important that they receive a reply to feel good and confident, so don't forget to arrange one in good time! Our printable Letter from Santa provides a nice writing paper you can use for this occasion.

Make it so children find it in the post box themselves – nothing’s more exciting than finding a letter from Santa Claus, and we created a fun envelope that should convince the little ones that it’s a genuine letter from the North Pole! Now we can’t wait to see the little faces gasping with excitement. : )

Tips on what to include in the letter from Santa

– Thanks for the letter children wrote previously and comment on their writing skills or drawings
– Congratulate them for the good things they did, ask them to be nice next year
– Some stories about you (Santa), elves and Rudolf
– Ask to leave a little treat for Rudolf
– Big signature at the bottom with kisses XX


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