Surprise Rainbow Party Invitation

Put a rainbow in an envelope and send it to your friends! This surprise rainbow printable party invitation is a super exciting way to start your rainbow themed party. It’s easy to assemble from only 2 sheets of paper, including an envelope.

A rainbow party is probably one of the most popular, cheerful and timeless party themes. Make yours different with this party invite that needs a little more attention and work (very little), but can make your invite a special delight to receive.

How to make this
rainbow party invite

Print out the template for the rainbow and cloud envelope and score all the dotted lines. Glue the 2 parts of the rainbow together. Write down your details – when, where and rsvp details for your party on the rainbow.
Use normal weight inkjet paper for vibrant colors. Heavy weight paper is not ideal for this.

Fold the rainbow into an accordian, starting with a valley fold at the left end, this end starts inside the envelope.

Glue the first section of the rainbow to the inside of the envelope. Align it just below the fold line of the envelope as in the photo.

Now glue the sides of the envelope. The folded up rainbow should sit nicely inside the envelope with the end with the cloud sticking out.

Close the envelope (together with the cloud part at the end of the rainbow).

Secure with a sticker on the outside.
Send a surprise rainbow to friends!


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