Rain & Rainbow Board Game

This Rain & Rainbow board game is our take on Snakes & Ladders game. Rainbows take you up to higher numbers (like ladders) and black clouds and rain bring you back down to lower numbers (like snakes). Got it? Try chasing the rainbows and not get soaking wet in the rain!

How to make and play
this rain & rainbow game

To Make

Connect page 1 & 2 to make a complete game board.

Cut the solid grey lines to make slits for the rainbows.

Cut up all the pieces of rainbow and fold the ends.

Insert the folded ends into the slits to create 3D rainbows as in the photo below. You don’t need to glue anything, they will stay up and can be taken off to flat pack everything for storing. Neat!

To Play

Use the little characters and a dice to play. (Dice is not included in the template.)

You can play the game in exactly same way you play Snakes & Ladders. Your little players can climb up the rainbow when they arrive at the start of a rainbow. If you land on black cloud, you’ll get rained down to the end of the rain drops!

Your goal is to reach the sun at the end. Roll a dice and have fun!

No need to say this will be perfect rainy day fun. ^ ^
We love board games! Keep your eyes open for our next printable board game challenge!


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