Egg Carton Daffodils

Daffodils are among the first flowers to tell us it’s spring! As a part of our spring crafts for kids, we’ve made egg carton daffodils – great as a craft project to kick off spring & also perfect for Easter crafts using old egg cartons. Follow our easy step-by-step tutorial.

How to make
egg carton daffodils

You need
egg cartons
white, yellow, orange paints & brush
white, yellow papers, scissors, glue

First, tear the ‘cup’ parts off the egg carton. Tear the edges roughly by hand so they look like natural ruffles.

Ask children to observe daffodils outside or in photos. Paint the torn egg cartons with yellow & orange colors to make the middle part of the flower.
Tip: With normal acrylic paints, yellow paints are translucent and white paints are opaque. So if you paint yellow color directly onto a dark egg carton, it can look dull. Paint them with white first, wait until it dries completely then paint yellow color on top. This way the yellow will look vivid and bright.

Daffodils have 6 petals, ask children to count the number of petals and help them draw a template. Or you can print our template onto white or yellow papers and use this as a guide. Pinch the middle of each petal to make it more 3-dimensional as in the photo below.

Glue the painted egg cups in the middle.

Decorate your room or furniture with the lovely paper daffodils and enjoy the early spring! How about decorating a gift with them?


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