Summer Paper Fans

Paper fans are a breeze to make and a great summer craft project for kids. We’ve created colorful printable templates here for you, but you can also draw your own or use any paper you like. All you need is some paper, a few wooden dolly pegs and strings. Have fun making these with kids and stay cool!

How to make
these paper fans

What you need
papers, wooden dolly pegs (clothes pegs), string or yarn

Firstly, print the free templates (2 sheets of A4 or 8×11″ per fan). Print on plain copy papers (not heavy stock) that’s easy to fold. You can also print blank versions for additional coloring fun.
Alternatively use your favorite wrapping paper or scrapbook paper approx. 21 x 8 ” (or 50 x 20 cm). Or draw your own fun faces on blank papers. Make sure the paper is thin enough for easy folding.

Get folding! Repeat valley fold and mountain fold like an accordian. It’s not necessary to ‘score’ the lines as the paper’s not heavy.

If you use the printed templates, glue the 2 sheets in the middle (nose) to make one long piece. BTW It’s much easier to fold each sheet and glue later.
We folded the last strip each side backward and glued it so the end is stronger and not sharp.

Hold the bottom of the accordion and insert about an inch deep into the wooden dolly peg as in the photo. It has to be quite tight and if you just push it in that will be fine. If it’s too tight, trim the ends and try again.
Wrap it around with the string and tie. It’s finished! You can use the tags and fan stands (included in the downloads) for more cool fun!

Try with your favorite papers or draw and decorate your own fan. They will make a nice breeze when the weather’s hot. They are your big fans!


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