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Printable Paper Dolls
Say Hello to the Cone Girls

Looking like the cast of a glamorous school prom we present the cone girls! They are lovely 3D free printable paper dolls in a cone shape, with all the dressing up fun of the classic paper dolls. So easy to make, the simple cone shape is perfect for little ones to hold in their hands and play imaginatively with. These girls are great friends to have around!

printable paper dolls

Each set comes with 2 cone girls with 4 different outfits, all set for a spring promenade.


Cone girls paper dolls – Spring Set 1
Cone girls paper dolls – Spring Set 2
Cone girls paper dolls – Spring Set 3
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dress up paper dolls

The most fun thing about paper dolls is dressing them up for their adventures, perhaps a relaxing picnic or fabulous party. These clever girls have outfits that come in cone shapes you can easily swap over.

how to make 3d paper dolls

You’ll be happy to hear they’re super easy to make!
Cut out the templates and glue at the back to make them into cone shapes. The outfits are slightly bigger than the girls. If your paper’s especially thinner or thicker, adjust the outfits when you glue them so they fit well.

These girls know how to pose for a group photo!

They can also wear bejewelled tiaras and animal ears.

Dress them up in their most fancy dresses for a special party.

After all the fun you can stack them away so very neatly.
How cool is that? : )

  • delfi

    Hi !

    Very (very) cool, yes !

    I had idea to take this model to print on “paper glass” (sorry i don’t know the word)

    Like here, but princess version for my little daughter birthday :

    Do you think it’s a thing you’ll do ?
    If not, could i use this model to do it by myself ?
    Thanks !
    (for this and all the others so good idea)

  • Cindy_deRosier

    I’m the Editorial Assistant for Fun Family Crafts and I wanted to let you know that we have featured your printable dolls! You can see them here:

    If you would like to display a featured button on your site, you can grab one from the right side bar of your post above. Thanks for a wonderful project idea!

  • ash

    can you make some dress templates in which the kids can design?

    • mrprintables

      Hi Ash, yes I have plans to do this! so please look out for them here or on our Facebook/Twitter

  • Chriss Lilleskov

    What about Halloween costumes (The little ears got me thinking!)?

    • mrprintables

      The girls have their Halloween costumes! : D
      Here: Halloween ‘Cone Girls’Paper Dolls


  • mslillisgrl

    Found you via Pinterest and thank you for the printables! Love your site and you’re so creative!

    • mrprintables

      ^ ^ Thanks! Glad you like the site!

  • Alli Hyer

    Brilliant! Thank you so much!

  • ocean584

    i love this site its awesome but i have a suggestion you should also have black and white cone girls it will be awesome then you could color it, i am a kid! 😀

    • mrprintables

      Thanks! Yes – I’ve been meaning to add blank templates so you can design & color the outfits! I’ll try to do it soon…! : )

  • Theo Respati P.

    hey i love the design, i’ve a question, what type of paper do you recommend? 😀

    • mrprintables

      Thanks Theo, I use what people normally sell as ‘matte papers’ for inkjet printer. You can search Amazon etc and will see many options!

  • Linda Williams

    I just found this site and LOVE it. But, when I download the paper dolls and outfits, the outfits are the only thing downloading, not the dolls. Where do I find the actual paper doll download? thanks

    • mrprintables

      Hi Linda, Thanks! All 3 files on this page include two girls (top 2 shapes) along with the outfits! ^ ^

  • Amber

    Has anyone tried using mod podge and putting these on wooden peg dolls? If so, what size doll did you use?

  • Lera Serova

    everything is just wonderful on this site! My kids love the toys so much! Thank you!!!!

    • mrprintables

      Thanks for your kind comment Lera!

    • sleman

      Hi lera

      • sleman

        Lera serova

  • Melanie Powers

    AMAZING! I just found these when googling paper dolls winter outfits! I hope you’ll be adding more clothing sets/accessories. We just love these! So much better than the other style that take FOREVER to cut out and then are wrecked after one play. My girls have been playing with these for hours now!

    • mrprintables

      Thanks for your kind comment! : ) We’ll add more outfits this year!

  • Ananda Prata Silveira

    When paper dolls will be boys?

    • mrprintables

      We meant to do the boys but it’s been busy here…! They will come later

  • Edster Elenzano

    I really had fun.
    You’re so amazing Mr.P
    I love your works!

    Two thumbs up!
    LOOK what i did <3

  • Edster Elenzano


    • mrprintables

      Aw… Thanks for sharing the photos! How sweet! : )

  • Judy Amundsen

    I just discovered these paper dolls and was thrilled. Can’t wait to make them with my granddaughter. We have a Swedish heritage and it would be fun to make a St. Lucia doll for December 13. If you can add her to you winter collection, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Karen Kuhn

    I put together your adorable paper dolls yesterday and left them on a table in our house this afternoon for my youngest daughter to “stumble upon” them. She has played with them all afternoon- THANK YOU! Her older sister asked me to put together a set for her. :-)

  • Ranjeetha Wakeling

    So so happy to find this site !

  • Kim

    Kids and I really love these dolls! Thank u very much!

  • Maritere Garcìa Lòpez

    Lovely, my nice can play by ours, with all this paper dolls, tks!!!!

  • Jet Mata

    ive search for paper dolls that translates every countries .i hope you can help me :(

  • Jet Mata

    i love ur designs .can u make some dolls that represents different countries with their traditional dress?

  • Eliza Barton Weeks

    My 6 year old LOVES her cone girls! Thank you for making them! I do wish you had some cone boys because my 3 year old boy wants in on the action!