Cone Girls Halloween Paper Dolls

Cone Girls at Halloween!

printable paper dolls

Our popular free printable paper dolls set ‘Cone Girls’ get to dress up in spooky fashion for Halloween – Yay!

We’ve been so happy to hear that you loved these little dolls so we created a few Halloween costumes for them so they don’t miss out on this fun day!
If your little ones had fun playing with them, surprise them with these cool new outfits on Halloween day and help the cone girls boo everyone! = )

printable paper dolls

Having a secret meeting – ‘Whom shall we BOO next?’

printable paper dolls

Spine tingling little evil girls…

If you don’t know the Cone Girls yet, you’ll need to go to the original cone girls printable paper dolls page to print the dolls first as the file on this page only has the new costumes. You’ll also find out how to make these 3D dolls on that page, so we’ll skip the instructions here and go straight to the cat walk part – scroll down to see all the fun photos!

This file comes with 6 types of different Halloween costumes – skeleton, mummy, spider woman, pumpkin, witch and candy cone, plus 2 cute little pets – a black cat and a bat.


Cone girls Halloween (costumes only)
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how to make 3d paper dolls

To make a witch’s hat, cut the trim with scissors randomly and lift up. For the pumpkin hat, cut the stem carefully and curl it up.

dress up paper dolls how to make 3d paper dolls

Cut out the face area with craft knife for the full height mummy costume.

how to make 3d paper dolls

how to make 3d paper dolls

Candy Cone sisters : )

how to make 3d paper dolls

That’s it! Enough of the photos now … print & start playing! : )

Watch out for the next Cone Girls costumes (or Cone Boys…! We know, we know!) or more fun DIY toys on our facebook, pinterest or google plus. Thanks!

If you want more fun Halloween stuff, go to our main Halloween printables page!

  • Alana

    Love your printables! The Halloween costume printable page contains two pages, but one is blank. Was this on purpose? It seems to be missing half the costumes. Thanks!

    • mrprintables

      Hi Alana, it is showing 2 pages correctly for me. Could be a temporary issue? Please try again. Thanks! ^ ^

      • Alana

        Thanks for the response! I think it is a browser issue(?). I still can’t see the second page when viewing from Google Chrome, but I can see and print it fine from Safari.

  • NReaves

    Cone Boys PLEASE! My nephew is so jealous of my little girl and her Cone girls!!!

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  • Maritere Garcìa Lòpez

    Adorable, my nice and I love it decorate like I said before, in Mexico we celebrate dìa de muertos, and is lovely too, but diferent, tks again

  • Melanie McCabe

    Can I just say how AWESOME you are? What a simple and clever idea, and so beautifully executed! You should make these into press-out plastic sheets so you can sell them; I bet toy stores everywhere would stock them. You are a design genius.