Monthly Calendar Houses

Printable Monthly Calendar Houses

Here’s a new printable monthly calendar for 2015 (updated!) in a simple design similar to the Christmas street advent calendar. Here, each month is represented by a house numbered with the month.

printable monthly calendar for kids

This calendar is suitable for children to play with and decorate. ( If you prefer clearer numbers and letters to teach the days, you can try this printable blank calendar children can cut and paste.)

printable monthly calendar for kids

You can continue with all of the months to create a whole street. Decorate the houses with doodles for each month.
The blank version is perfect to decorate with your own drawings and special notes, for example you could decorate each house with: weather of the season, family birthday months, summer holiday house and other special days (such as a spooky halloween house : ) ). You’ll end up with a fabulous decorated street that takes you on a journey from January to December, have a great trip!

If you do create your own decorated calendar, please share it on our facebook wall . Everyone would love to see it!

printable monthly calendar for kids

This calendar is now updated for 2015, enjoy!


Monthly Desktop House Calendar 2015 – Design 1
Monthly Desktop House Calendar 2015 – Design 2

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printable monthly calendar for kids

printable monthly calendar for kids

Color and decorate the houses for each month to create your own fun calendar!

printable monthly calendar for kids

printable monthly calendar for kids

You will need

Papers (stiff cardstock is good for the desktop version)

Check out the ‘Monthters’ our fun printable monthly calendar kids can enjoy throughout the year.

  • Calli Morgan

    Any chance of some 2014 calendars, they make lovely gifts!

    • mrprintables

      Will be working on it soon! : )

  • kerdsin_89

    good and so cool! for students

  • Sandra Meinlilapark

    Thank you so much!! Just LOVE it! Your blog is great.

    • mrprintables

      Thank you Sandra! ^ ^

  • Karin

    superb!! thank you!!

  • Marie

    I want to do this with my class…any chance you could do a 2015 one so we could make it as a present for families for the end of the year?

  • Britta

    I was wondering if you would liket to update that calendar for 2015? It is amazing 🙂
    Thanks, Britta

  • Sarah

    Wow! Awesome stuff! Will you have a 2015 House Calendar available for printing?

  • Travelbug Mama

    So happy to have found your site!! Gorgeous, simple designs. Will you be updating these houses for 2016???

  • Vanessa B

    do you have the 2016 already?

  • This is so cute! Will you have the 2016 calendar?