Printable Tea Party Invitations

Argyle Tea Party Invitations with Tea Bags

printable tea party invitations

Add some lovely aromatic tea bags to these printable tea party invitations in the shape of tea cups – the scent of herbs and spices will make your invitations quite special!

If you don’t want to throw an ambitious themed party but just want a lovely, relaxed catching up, a tea party is a great idea. Just back to school and want a nice excuse to bond with old and new friends? Have a tea party! Children love the pretend- formality of the age old tea party too – wearing little white gloves and feathers, holding the old fashioned tea cups. Keep it simple with a few tasty sandwiches and cookies or go for the full cake & doily shebang, it certainly has the potential for turning into a great themed party.

This set includes the invitation cards, tea bag labels, a template for the envelope and matching envelope liners. You can also use standard 5 1/2″ square envelopes for the cards. Find the most fantastic smelling tea bags to add!


Tea Party Invitations Set – Pink & Green Argyle
Tea Party Invitations Set – Yellow & Blue Argyle

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What you need

Printed templates
gorgeous smelling tea bags (liquorice, cinnamon, ginger, orange blossom …!)
a needle

How to make a tea label

1. Remove the existing tea label from your tea bag and thread the string with a needle. Cut out the label template including cutting a short slit on top. Thread through a hole below the slit, from back to front, with the needle.

2. Pull the end of the thread through the slit towards the back.

3. Pull the long side of the thread through the slit towards the front.

4. Done! It will look like this from the front! You don’t need to tie the thread.

5. Now, insert the tea back in the slit in the card as shown. It should sit tightly, you can secure it with a bit of pretty washi tape on the back if your tea bag’s thin.

6. Use the matching envelope liner if you like. You can use our template for the envelope or use a standard 5 1/2″ square envelope.

Right, I’m off for a tea and a slice of cake. : ) Hope you all have the best tea party!

  • Michele Lujan

    I just threw my daughter a tea party for her birthday. I wish I would have seen these sooner!! Adorable!!

    • mrprintables

      Thanks! Hope you can use it next time. ; )

  • Lia Tomaz

    Beautiful <3
    i wish i could edit the language for portuguese :/

    • Lavender Life UK

      Vc pode print screen e salvar como jpg (photo/imagem). Abrir em MS Paint
      e usar a borracha para apagar as palavras. Pode escrever tambem. Mas eu
      escreveria a mao, em cursiva. Good luck.

  • Rebecca Louise

    What are those cookies in the first pic? I remember them from when I was a kid!

  • Mollie Bylett

    It’s SO hard to find afternoon tea invites! i LOVE these! going to make them – thank you!!!!! xxx

  • Estefania Aguirre

    It’s amazing! My students in Spain love your printables :) Thank you so much!

  • Valerie

    How can I make a slit in the card?

  • Audrey Gallant

    How do i download the invite

  • Tricia Dugan

    Have you got any of these awesome templates in Orange

  • Sarah

    How do I download these?
    Eveytime I do it takes me to a different page and it wont let me continue :/