Terms and Conditions

Our printable PDF files are free to use for personal and small classroom use only and we hope you enjoy using them! For these uses, you can print the high resolution pages as many times as you like. We’re happy if you wish to tell others about our downloads but always link to our webpages and do not link to the pdf files directly and never host the files on your websites or blogs. Thank you.

Feel free to share the projects you have made on social media but please do always tag @mrprintables and #mrprintables. Thank you!

All our files are ‘read only’ and you will not be able to copy or edit the contents. Do not change or redraw our designs. Only use them by printing them in their original form. Do not make derivative works or use any parts of our designs.

All artwork remains the copyright of Mr Printables. This includes the original concepts unique to our designs, paper structures we have designed, graphic features, illustrations and any other design elements and ideas published under our copyright. All text, images and photographs are copyright Mr Printables. If you’re reposting our images on social media, always credit the source.

If you would like to feature our contents on your site and blog, you’re welcome to use up to 2 images of each project, excluding tutorial images, with your own text. Never reproduce our text and tutorials.

Any commercial redistribution or resale of the original files or of the printed results is strictly prohibited. Do not use the printed results as part of commercial displays, editorials and events without licence and written permission. If you have a proposal please contact us

Please download the files ONLY if you agree with the above terms of use. Thank you!

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    Hi, I wanted to ask what the terms and conditions are for the diy projects (ie the pom poms). Thanks for all the creative ideas!

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    Thank you for the lovely templates and DIY instructions. My grandson is two now and his parents want me to homeschool him when it is time. I will use these “lessons” for his extended “preschool” and it will help me know whether or not I am able/capable enough. ha ha I retired from teaching elementary and early middle school!

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    Thank you so much for your amazing works. I use the flash cards with my 4 years old son and he loves them! We speak Swedish, Thai and English so I just wrote Thai and Swedish letters next to the original English letters. My son get to learn 3 languages at the same time!

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      Eu consigo desbloquear! manda o email!

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