Roll-Up Christmas Advent Calendar

If you still haven’t bought your Christmas Advent Calendar or haven’t started making one yet, take a peak at our fun and easy printable advent calendar. We think it’s a strong contender! It’s really very easy to make and looks lovely. You just need to roll each treat inside the paper strip and let children unroll it to discover the treat. They end up as nice Christmas bunting when you’re through them.

You can start from the Day 1, but if you’ve missed it, don’t give up – it’s never too late! Even making it for just a few days before can add to the fun and anticipation.

How to make
this advent calendar

You will need
24 treats
some ribbon and string

Print the pages and cut them into strips. Punch holes where marked with a hole-puncher or any sharp object.

repare 24 little treats. We’re using small sweets, some coins and strips of paper written with what treats children will have on that day. For example, ‘Mommy will bake a cake today!’

Then we’re going to roll the printed strips with these treats inside. Secure the sweets or coins with tape to the end of the strip. If it’s a piece of paper, you can just roll it up together.

Pass a ribbon or a string through the hole and tie a nice bow. Make it easy for children to undo.

You can stick them on a wall, hang them on a string, scatter them around the house… whatever you like. If you hang them on a string, they will gradually become really nice Christmas bunting!


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