Days, Week & Months Flash Cards

Brighten your days with these rainbow colored days of the week and months of the year flash cards in both english & spanish. Days and months are abstract concepts so there are no pictures to go with these, but we wanted to add a little twist to help make learning them more fun and engaging.

The flash cards come in an unusual shape and in rainbow colours for the days of the week, and the months in all 12 colors from the tertiary color wheel.

You can arrange them in circles or in many different ways for a variety of activities. There are optional templates you can print for arranging the cards in circles, with positions for each card and numbers marked to match the months of the year. Children can arrange the cards onto these circles. Laminate the cards or mount on to cardboard to make sturdy play pieces, attach velcro or re-positionable tapes so children can attach the cards to the templates.


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13 Responses to Days & Months Flash Cards

  1. I’m teaching the days of the week this week (hah). So that’s why this gonna be so helpful. And Thank you for making one in Spanish!!!

  2. If I provide you with the names of months and days in Danish, are you then willing to make this in Danish?

  3. Turkish please,
    Days: Pazartesi – Salı – Çarşamba – Perşembe – Cuma – Cumartesi – Pazar
    Months: Ocak – Şubat – Mart – Nisan – Mayıs – Haziran – Temmuz – Ağustos – Eylül – Ekim – Kasım – Aralık

  4. AWSOME!
    Can you do it (also) in Romanian, please!

    Days: Luni, Marţi, Miercuri, Joi, Vineri, Sâmbătă,Duminică

    Months: Ianuarie, Februarie, Martie, Aprilie, Mai, Iunie, Iulie, August, Septembrie, Octombrie, Noiembrie, Decembrie

    Seasons: Primăvară, Vară, Toamnă, Iarnă

  5. I really like the shape of these. Any possibility to make them in German for my class of children aged 6-10?

  6. Russian, please!

    Days: Понедельник, Вторник, Среда, Четверг, Пятница, Суббота, Воскресенье.

    Months: Январь, Февраль, Март, Апрель, Май, Июнь, Июль, Август, Сентябрь, Октябрь, Ноябрь, Декабрь.

    Seasons: Зима, Весна, Лето, Осень