Here are a few questions we get asked most often.
If you have a question you may find a quick answer below, so please browse before contacting us.
Thank you!

If your question is about usage permission, please go to our TERMS & CONDITIONS page.

Technical Issues

I can't open the file. It's asking for a password!

You can open and print our files using Adobe Reader or similar PDF readers without password. However you won’t be able to open them without password if you try to open them with other editing programs (such as Illustrator or Photoshop). Please do not use those programs to open our files.

Please do not ask for passwords. Please read our Terms of Use before you download our files.

I took your file to my local printer (Kinkos etc) and they say I don't have permission to print it.

Unfortunately they are correct. As they are our copyrighted material and it’s difficult for us to give individual permissions, we have uploaded some of our popular posters including the map of the USA and Alphabet posters to our Zazzle store, where you can get them printed in any size or paper you like in high-resolution.
We’ll be coming up with new ways to give you more options as soon as we can!

The download link doesn't work.

Sorry, it’s possibly our mistake! Please <a href=”https://mrprintables.com/contact-us”>let us know</a> and check back later. We try to fix them as soon as we can.

Other Questions

Can I feature a Mr Printables project on my blog/site?

Yes please and thank you! You’re very welcome to use maximum 2 of the final project images from our site or blog with a credit and link to the source project page without asking for permission.
Please credit us a ‘Mr Printables’ & always link to ‘wordpress-638855-2096367.cloudwaysapps.com or the project page.

Do not link directly to or host our pdf files on your blog/site/social media.

Do not feature our step-by-step tutorial images or use our text.

If you need high-res images for a magazine feature, just contact us!

Can you make something for me or change the file for my need?

Sorry, we simply do not have enough time to respond to individual needs. If you’d like to make a suggestion for our site, please email us. You’re very welcome! But please note that we may not be able to respond all emails with suggestions.

Can I design something for your site?

We’d love to create an area on our site where we can feature other designer’s works for children in the future. If you want to be considered for this, please contact us but please don’t forget to provide links to your portfolio or blog where we can see what you do! We may not be able to answer these emails but will certainly keep you in mind and get in touch when we have something that will work for you.