United States of Bingo

We've created these United States free printable bingo cards as a fun and informative variation of the classic game. The 50 state names are used instead of picked numbers with cute bingo cards in the classic 5 by 5 format. These could be especially fun at your 4th of July parties!

This set includes 10 printable bingo cards and an extra page with all 50 states name squares for picking.
Have fun and learn the names of all 50 states!

How to play
USA bingo game

To Start

Firstly print and cut out the 50 States name squares and the Bingo play cards. Place the name squares in a bag or deep bowl and mix them all around! Make sure everyone has a Bingo card and pencil [making in pencil means you can easily reuse the Bingo cards] You’re now ready to play United States of Bingo!

Mr P’s Tip

Laminate the Bingo cards and use a water based felt pen for marking, they can be used over and over again!

You can play with these in a number of different ways, to speed up or extend the games.

1. One line wins!
A classic way to play is by trying to complete 1 line of five States, this could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, The centre star/Mr P is a bonus square and you can win with just 4 States in this way.

2. Full card wins!
The longest way to play is to try to fill up the whole United States Bingo card with 24 states.

3. Custom shape wins!
You can of course invent any shape needed to win, for example sometimes games look for squares of four areas to be filled in, this is called a ‘postage stamp’.

Don’t forget
Bingo gamers you must shout “BINGO!!” as soon as you have completed a line to stop the game, have your card checked and win your prizes! If you don’t shout, you might miss out!


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