Growing Lemons Counting File Folder Game

Grow lemons on the tree and leaves on the flower stem while learning numbers and practice counting with this newest of our free printable file folder games.

The pages contain a lemon tree without lemons and a flower without leaves plus lemons, leaves, circles numbered 1 to 10 you can add and play. Children can ‘grow’ lemons and leaves according to the given numbers.

How to make this file folder game

Lay down the file folder like an open book and glue page 1 and 2 inside.

Cut out the lemons, leaves and numbers on page 3 with scissors. Cut out the title to put on the cover.


How to play

Put the yellow number circles on the plant pot and ask children to add the correct number of lemons to the tree.

Put the yellow number circles on the flower and ask children to add the correct number of leaves to the stem.

Try the other way around or invent a new way to play!


Cut the sticky part of Post-it (or any removable label) and glue the non-sticky side to the back of each cut out pieces. The children can then stick and re-position the pieces over and over again.


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