Bag O’ Bones Halloween Party Invitation

Here's a simple yet unusual printable Halloween party invitation for your party! The individual bone parts have notes and spaces for you to fill in. The idea is that when the recipient opens the envelope, the pieces of skeleton fall out of the envelope and the receiver will have to piece together the information for the party details - gruesome fun! : )

There’s also a template to use as gift tags for your party favors in the same style, or for other boney decoration ideas of your own!

How to make the Bag O' Bones Invitation

Print the invitation template onto stiff card stock or heavy paper. Simply cut out the individual pieces with scissors. This part is perfect for kids who can now cut small curved shapes confidently. Write down the information for your party on each of the pieces & pop them into a black envelope! Make sure you put the whole set of pieces into each envelope.


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