Mandala Coloring Pages

Behold our free printable mandala coloring pages! : ) The word 'Mandala' means circle and there are incredibly beautiful historic examples of artwork created in this circular form. The imagery commonly symbolizes a cosmos contained within the circle, a microcosm of the Universe from the human viewpoint.

For adults they are popular meditation tools, for kids they are fun and challenging to color in. They often demand more experimentation and imagination, compared to common coloring pages, in how colors are used in the patterns. When the kids are quietly coloring them in you’ll witness their meditative power!

The great thing with Mandalas is that there are no rules, so encourage them to use whichever colors they feel work together or just look right to them. The center of the Mandala is traditionally important and with modern mandalas it’s often the visual focal point of the pattern. Every mandala disc will end up different and unique so try coloring them together and compare the results.

We have created our own special printable mandala pages in a range of contemporary styles and complexities. We hope you enjoy them.


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