Basic Shapes Flash Cards

Teach and learn the concept and names of some basic shapes with these free printable shapes flash cards. This set includes 2 pages with basic shapes for toddlers like the circle and star and an extra page with some more advanced shapes such as 'hexagon' and 'parallelogram'!

To start you can use the first 2 pages only and then later introduce the third page shapes for more advanced learning. These basic shapes flash cards, like all of our series, are great for decorating children’s rooms – try hanging them on strings or framing them in sets.


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10 Responses to Basic Printable Shapes Flash Cards

  1. Thanks so much for having this and sharing 🙂 People don’t appreciate all there is online and the work it takes for people to get it there!

    • Truly agree to it.. just because it is online doesn’t mean it is simple… Lot of hard work and maintenance of the website is required.. Thanks to all of them.

      • @disqus_kcMgCF7tOo:disqus @harirajanv:disqus Thank you so much for your kind words. Truly appreciate it!!

  2. I am printing them on magnetic sheets, covering the front with self adhesive laminating sheets, and storing them in metal tins to use while traveling.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After spending hours downloading flashcards from other sites, I dumped most of my other downloads and downloaded yours (I only kept ones you don’t have). My daughter loves them, especially love the ladybug numbers. Beautiful but clean for easy learning. If you ever update your shapes flashcards, here are a couple more suggestions to add: diamond (or rhombus), crescent, trapezoid, and arrow.

  4. how do i download the flashcards? i cant seem to find a download link/button. thanks 🙂

  5. The shape is a rhombus, the object would be called a diamond. Please use rhombus if you ever do make the shape card. And thank you so much for making all of these cute cards. I just started teaching pre kinder after 9 years of doing upper elementary and these are awesome!