3D Tool Box Card for Father’s Day

Here’s a bit of paper crafting for your DIY Happy Father’s Day card. Make this cool surprise pop-up tool box card. The tools inside spell out ‘Happy Father’s Day’. It’s a bit of a geeky thing to do but we think any dad who loves his tool box would love this! It’s not a craft for kids, but hope you make it together and enjoy doing so!

How to make
this toolbox father's day card

Cut out the template. Score all the dotted lines and fold the mountain fold and valley fold as marked.

First, apply glue to the tab on shape A (as marked on the template). Align the edge to the pale grey line on shape B and attach. The tab will be hidden away on the other side as in the photo.

Apply glue to the two small tabs on shape B, on the reverse of the printed side as marked. Fold the tabs to face the back of shape A and press down flat. It should now open up just like in the third photo.

Repeat the same to connect shape B to C, then continue with shapes D and E to mirror on the other side.

We’ve printed the cover template (page 1) on red colored paper because we like red tool boxes. Print it on your favorite colored paper or to match dad’s if you like. Glue the tab to the back of the edge of shape A and shape E.

You’re done!


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