Meet the Pebbles!

Meet the Pebbles!

Rock & Pebble

We have one more post about the lovely new things just launched over at Rock & Pebble!

Pebbles are tiny wooden dolls with the best wardrobe! A few months back we included these cute little dolls to live in our Apple & Pear Houses as our launch gifts, they were blank wooden dolls, made from solid maple. They were quite happy Au Naturel but as more and more people wanted to adopt them into their homes, we decided to give them a great wardrobe to add some dress up fun.

We’re super excited to introduce to you our first 3 designs – Modern Pebbles, Alphabet Pebbles and Color Pebbles.

Each set includes 5 blank maple dolls made in the USA in a screen-printed house cotton bag, 36 stick-on reusable paper clothes. The clothes are like post-it. You can easily wrap them around your doll and remove when you want to change their clothes. You can keep used clothes on a clean surface to use again and again. With 36 different designs in each set, it’s hard work choosing what to wear everyday!

There are so many clothes in each set it’s difficult to show them all. Above and below are only a few examples from the set Modern Pebbles.

These are from Color Pebbles. Rainbow all sorts, ombre and colorful patterns for all color lovers!

And the clever ones with letters! The Alphabet Pebbles set includes letters A to Z plus additional frequently used letters.

There will be more designs coming up in September – Nature Pebbles & Animal Pebbles. Subscribe to the R&P newsletter or follow us on our Instagram to get sneak peeks, notifications and specials.

There are so many clothes I can’t possibly post them all. Hope you get to check them out over on Rock & Pebble, there are more images.

One last pic from the work in progress!

We’re having lots of fun adding faces to them. There is a small booklet with tips for painting simple but fun faces. A lot of fun! We’ll share more pics later!

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