Crystal Christmas Advent Calendar

This printable Christmas Advent Calendar is inspired by the incredible crystal cave Cueva de los Cristales in Mexico! This calendar will make exciting christmas decoration in the house, bringing a bit of magic to the season and entertainment for children.

We wanted icy and wintery look with white, blue and turquoise, but also added a bit of pink for a more colorful look.

There are 24 little boxes each with a lid you can open and shut, with a number in the corner from 1 to 24. Create a lovely icy crystal decoration for the season and hide your treats and activity ideas inside. Children will have to find the right number each day and open for the hidden surprise.

The boxes are quite tiny and two boxes fit on a printed sheet. The gradation shouldn’t take up much ink but the result will create a colorful and festive display perfect for the Holidays.

For little characters that can wander around this frozen crystal landscape, check out our Santa & Co paper dolls or Winter Cone Girls.


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