Christmas Coloring Pages

Here you'll find our original and free printable Christmas coloring pages for kids and this year we're really excited about our new gigantic wall hanging Christmas tree coloring page. Grab the crayons and let's get decorating!

What color do you think of for Christmas? Red, green, gold, silver, orange … and of course these colors go wonderfully with the lovely smells of Christmas – pine needles, smouldering log fires, spices, candied fruits ….oooh!

If you take a closer look…. our huge Christmas tree is full of busy wintery and festive goings on, with branches becoming roads and decorations as houses, trains and trees.
It’s patched together from 21 sheets of paper (or 22 if you’re printing in A4) and all you need to do is print, trim and tile them together with glue (this bit’s a giant jigsaw puzzle to add to the fun). You’ll have a giant Christmas coloring tree that will provide hours (or even days!?) of coloring and decorating fun in the days before Christmas and it’ll look just spectacular on the wall.


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When you have a party with many kids and adults, it’s a good idea to prepare a coloring station with plenty of printable coloring pages and a pile of coloring pencils on a table, so kids can easily get going themselves together.
Oh and don’t miss our Christmas wish list coloring page!

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36 Responses to Printable Christmas Coloring Pages

  1. I used your giant Easter Egg printable this year with my daughter… one of her favorite things to do is color with me. It was so fun, she asked if we could do it every year! So as I was searching your site for other fun items I was ecstatic to find this even MORE giant Christmas tree coloring activity! I’ve already pinned it to use this winter. Thank you so much for sharing these, it will be a great tradition for us every year!

    • Thank you and so glad you hear your daughter enjoyed the egg. Hopefully there will be many more giant coloring pages here. (working on the Halloween one now) The Christmas one was popular with the whole family!

  2. This is so great, I’m looking forward to putting this up in the kids room for them to decorate! I was wondering, is there any way you could also offer the file not broken up into small pieces for home printing? I’d love to print it as one large poster at my local staples office print shop!

      • Hey Aimee Coker, I was just wondering if you could let me know if you have a “Subscribe by Email” for your posts? I keep missing them because I don’t look at my Bloglovin’ much… I don’t always remember and I have missed so much this season already, I don’t want to miss anymore! Thanks,
        Jeanine, Canada

    • Oh my goodness girl!!! This looks Fantastic with the WashiTape!!! Excellent!! Tell me, what size did you print?
      The one file sale LTR and one says A4,
      Which did you print? I was thinking to print, let them color, then even laminate each page and keep it for years to come.
      It will be great to show off to their kids when theyre older too ;D

      • Thanks! I printed the one that has 21 sheets…so the LTR one. I was thinking of letting them color it each year and taking a photo of it every year, maybe even printing the photos in a book! What a cool memory!

    • WOW 21 HOURS! AMAZING! What a great job you did with this photo creation as well! I love it!
      What size did you print? I am trying to figure out what might be best to print for my child, and for my INK Budget LOL! …the A4 or the LTR? Thanks! This is wonderful considering I didn’t even know that you could share photos on Disqus!

      • thanks!!! I found out that I can share photos here just yesterday, and I could not wait to share my tree~^^
        I print out in A4 paper, it’s about 47 inch high and 39 inch wide~

  3. can you send me the file of the complete tree? I have access to a drafting printer and could avoid all the cutting and taping. thanks.

  4. Thank’s for this beautiful christmas tree! Now is hanging in the Ministry of Education and science of Russian Federation 🙂 Wish you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

  5. Thank’s for this beautiful christmas tree! Now is hanging in the Ministry of Education and science of Russian Federation 🙂 Wish you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas! :)))))

  6. Thank you!
    We colored this Christmas tree with my 3 children.
    And our grandma and grandpa colored some objects too 🙂

    Kazan, Russia

  7. Unfortunately, I can not download this Christmas Tree, I do not know what could be the problem. Can somebody helpme please???? When I trying, my computer writes this:”502 bad gateway” I am very sad….

  8. Just wondering if you would have a large Gingerbread house like the tree… the kids completed tree last year thanks to their elf bringing it. would love to do something similar as it kept them busy for hours. Thanks in advance 🙂

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