Peg dolls Winter Wonderland

We never get bored of playing with peg dolls and making cardboard toys. It’s icy cold outside so for more indoor fun to survive the winter without boredom, our DIY peg dolls and cardboard slotted animals are ready to take you on a winter adventure! We have a lovely deer and a big moose from a winter forest, plus a polar bear and huskies visiting from the arctic.

Simply print and cut out the templates and trace them onto cardboard saved from brown boxes. We have many from Christmas deliveries.
Cut with a craft knife and adjust the slot sizes depending upon your cardboard thickness. Parents will need to cut the cardboard as thick boards are not so easy to cut. Children can start decorating the pieces as you cut.

Once cut out and decorated, you can slot the pieces together to create all the standing animals and the sled in the picture.

How about riding the polar bear like Lyra in His Dark Materials or enjoying a sled ride with the huskies.

We took out the peg dolls we made before, but they weren’t wearing enough clothes for this cold weather, so we gave them warm coats and scarves.
You can simply cut a small piece of paper to wrap around their body and add a little yarn to tie around the neck.

Keep warm on your icy adventures and don’t forget to be back in time for a cup of tea!

If you’re not familiar with these peg dolls, check out our first project about how to make peg dolls.


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