Bird Finger Puppets

Our new printable finger puppets are these beautiful birds! A cute Toucan, elegant Flamingo, majestic Eagle and an unknown (undiscovered!) species we created with inspiration from those incredible Birds of Paradise!

Like our snake puppets, they are quick and easy to make.

How to make these
bird finger puppets

Print and cut the templates. Two printed pages include templates for 4 different birds.

Pinch and glue both sides of the beaks together.

Roll up and glue the body part. Your whole index finger should fit inside snugly.

Make a paper ring that fits around the upper part of your index finger loosely.

Glue the ring inside the bird’s head as in the photo. Test the position by inserting your finger through the body as below.

Once glued you can insert your finger like this and it should move easily. Adjust if you made it too tight to move.

Glue the wings to the back of the body and fold back the wings. They will flap when you move your hand up and down! For the flamingo, an option is to glue the wing shape back to back so they stay like folded wings, if you like.


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