Paper Ice Creams

Never listen to anyone who says it's not the right weather for ice cream. And never say no to ice creams, even if they are made of paper. Hope you enjoy these paper ice cream templates and keep your spirit forever summer with us! They are also free ice creams and lollies that never melt.

So why do you need paper ice creams? There are many cool reasons! They make great play food to start with. Open an ice cream parlour for pretend play (have you opened your fruit stall yet?), decorate your ice cream party with them, or just have a fun filled paper craft afternoon recalling the memory of beautiful summer days. Make one as a present for somebody who loves ice cream (most people you know) when you can’t wrap up the ones that melt.

There are too many yummy looking ones to choose from, which is just the dilemma when in an ice cream shop. You could be ambitious and make all of them (if you have a whole day or if a whole family or friends join in to make one each!) or just choose one or few as a fun treat for the day! Which one would you like today?


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  1. Thank you for this awesome project, I did print several papers for my 2 years old daughter, I thought she will be very excited when see them!!! Thank you very much for doing this meaning job!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You provide a wonderful job, I’m from Brazil and I am grateful to have internet and be able to find them. I’m not a child anymore but you can be sure I’ll fix what to do with ice cream models so beautiful, how to decorate my room. Surely my friends will want too! Keep up the wonderful work.

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