Farm Animal Finger Puppets

Please welcome this lil mouse & co who live on our farm! Our printable farm animal finger puppets can’t wait to be chatty friends on your little fingers. Meow! Neigh! Squeak! Oink! Twitch twitch nibble!

The template includes a piggy, a mouse, a cat, a rabbit and a horse. This horse is actually our favorite horse from the mighty Pipi Longstocking, but we’ve included him here among the other farm animals, they’ll make a good team.

So let us introduce you to our farm animal members…

How to make these
farm animal finger puppets

Print the finger puppet templates and cut them out. Cut around the white parts next to the cat’s nose.

Form the faces first. Fold the dotted lines and glue the areas marked ‘glue’. See the photos above as a reference.

Now roll the body parts into a ring and glue. Make the ring size big enough for your finger to snuggly fit through.

Roll up a small piece of paper into a ring to fit your finger tip. Again, it shouldn’t be a tight fit. Glue the ring inside the bottom of each animal’s head as in the photos.

Your finger should fit just like the photo above right. Adjust the fit for your finger if needed.
That’s it!

The horse has a nice mane. Cut the lines to create frills as above and glue to the back of the horse.
Now you have a small farm of cute creatures living on your fingers! They may want to meet their bird friends or snake neighbors.


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