Optical Illusion Lunch Box Notes

Entertaining quick brain teaser with cool graphics that will get kids talking and thinking - these little optical illusion cards make perfect lunch notes!

Be the coolest mom with these neat cards. Everyone gets impressed and entertained by optical illusions.

They have wings to fold back and have answers written on one side. You can write your note on the back and fold up to hide the answer.

Set 1 has questions like ‘which line is longer?’, ‘which dot is bigger?’ with simple graphics. Once kids find out the unexpected answers, they can measure the sizes or distances to confirm it. For the shades of grey question, you can cover up the surrounding area to see how they fool your eyes.

Set 2 has distorted and moving dots and patterns illusions. Print these on the finest quality paper and color setting for best effect.

We’ve also created some printable papers with optical illustion patterns you can use to make cookie wraps or treat bags to create a whole lunch box full of visual entertainment.

We hope these printable lunch box notes make for fun lunchtimes and a little curiosity into how vision and brain work.


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