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The Stars and Stripes, Red, White and Blue, Old Glory The Star Spangled Banner Just like all flags of the world, the design of American flag is full of meaning and amazing history of a nation.

Whether you are celebrating Independence Day or in need of some patriotic printables, our free printable American flag collection has accurate flags of 4 different sizes (plus a blank one to color in!) which can be used in many different ways. All of them have a tab that can be used to attach them to strings, cocktail sticks or drinking straws etc. You may want to use them to decorate a picnic or carnival. Alternatively for scrapbooking, school room, bedroom and 4th July party decorations you can simply cut off the tabs and get creative!

The correct way to hang the American flag vertically:

When you hang the flag vertically, the stars should be positioned at the upper left corner from the viewer’s perspective. If you have a flag that has both sides, this is easy but with a printed flag that has one side only, you need to print reversed flags to hang them vertically.

Large Flag One flag on a sheet, just over 10 inch.

Medium Flag A good size for hanging on strings to make bunting.

Small Flag Great as 4th of July gift tags, table settings and for mixing with the Medium sized flag for more stylish bunting.

Tiny Flag 2 inch size – Fold over to create double-sided flags for cocktail sticks or cake toppers.


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