Earth Vocabulary Flash Cards

We always wanted to make some contents about the Earth and all of the wonderful things in it. As a small start, we've made these Earth printable vocabulary flash cards. It introduces the names of a few elements or phenomena that are part of the Earth and a few friends of the Earth like the Sun, the Moon and the stars.

You can connect different cards with stories and explanations about them, teach how they are related to and dependent on one another. A first step in science of the natural world.

This set includes 16 cards in 4 pages: water, rain, cloud, rainbow, fire, air, plants, mud, earth, sun, moon, stars, ice, snow, stone, wind. Available in English and French.


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11 Responses to Earth Vocabulary Flash Cards

  1. I like it so much. you are working on a german version? need translation? i would love to help … so cute

  2. It’d be cool if one said soil … 2015 is the International year of soil. Mud isn’t quite the same thing.

  3. Please, contact me if you want to do a Spanish version of your flascards and other activities! 🙂 I am a Spanish as a Foreign Language teacher and I would help with pleasure.