Shapes & Colors Overlay Play Cards

We have some basic shapes and colors flash cards that have been enjoyed by many of you for some time now and we're back with another fun way to play with shapes and colors. These are a set of cards with different shapes and colors you can print on inkjet transparency film to create endless combinations of shapes and colors.

We’ve just bought some transparency inkjet film to play with. We first printed a few shapes in different colors on these films straight out of the packet and it turned out to be instant fun. When the colors overlay you get a mixed color, making it a great addition to any artistic color activities. Children can combine multiple cards to create endless new abstract designs. There are no rules to it!

Just print and cut all the shapes into separate pieces.
There are 5 pages of basic shapes, grids, dots and stripes in 6 colors as a starter kit!

Combine different colors to see what happens. Small dotted patterns will create moire effects when you overlay them and rotate.

You can also attempt to build some shapes with them (something I can’t wait to try). Cut them into shapes you like, tape the pieces together to construct interesting translucent color forms.

When you have your favorite combination, tape them onto a paper sheet to make a permanent work of art, frame it and display on your wall!


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