ABC Café File Folder Game

Kids love ‘playing cafe’ and all things sweet. This alphabet printable file folder game is designed to help learning upper and lower case letters together with the fun pretend play of running a popular cafe! It’s all pastel, pink, soft and sweet. Kids will find it really fun and even addictive ; )

How to make and
play this file folder game

Prepare your table. Print the first 2 pages and join up – your cafe table is ready!

Now prepare your cafe food!
There are 26 yummy items that start with each letter of the alphabet.

Your menu for the customers will be alphabet letters in both upper and lower case. Cut out the letter cards. The food names are in lower case only. You can use lower case cards or upper case letter cards to match with the food names.

Now you’ll need some customers. You’ll find 6 characters to cut out and fold like a tent card to stand up. You’ll also need to cut curved lines with a craft knife to create slots to insert the letter cards.

If children find it fiddly to insert the papers using the slots, try these alternatives:
1. you can laminate all pieces and use small velcro buttons on both sides of the character and letter cards.
2. Or simply cut the sticky parts of the post-it and glue the non-sticky side to the front of each character. (This way around would be easier than gluing the post-it pieces to all 52 letter cards. : ) ) Children can then repeatedly stick the letter cards to these post-it parts on the character cards.

The customers are coming…! The excitement!

Please take a seat. : ) Seat the customers at the table.

Now the customers can order from your A to Z menu. Customers will need to pick a letter each to order the food and the letter they choose should be placed on them.

Once the customers are seated and have picked their letters, start serving!
You’ll need to serve the correct food with its name starting with the same letter that the customer’s picked. You don’t want the hungry customers getting grumpy if they receive the wrong food!

Strawberry shortcake for S

Tea for T

Macarons for M

Is everybody happy? Well done! I’m sure your cafe will be a big hit! : )

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