Get Inspired By The Night Sky

Get inspired by the night sky
Image: behind the scenes of the music video, Lori Henriques, Made by Joel

Contemporary children’s music is not something I’m so familiar with, when it comes to children’s music I tend to think of old songs. So it was a happy moment when I stumbled upon ‘When I Look Into The Night Sky’ by Lori Henriques via Zooglobble . It seems to have been released just now.
We enjoyed this beautiful song and a very sweet music video by Joel Henriques from Made by Joel. Wonderful brother and sister! Visit Made by Joel to enjoy the music video. There is a coloring sheet and tutorial for creating your own night sky theater as seen in the video (above). The song has a calming, dreamy, floating-in-space like mood based on ‘St. John’s Infirmary’ and when children get to learn about the universe and grow to develop those curious wonderful feelings about it, they will completely relate to the lyrics.
For lots more sophisticated music for children, check out Lori Henrique’s site. We’ll be waiting for her new album!

And a couple more things to try together:
Check out this cool DIY cardboard moon shelf where your little astronaut can land on!
Serve up a solar system on a plate! A fun snack for a planet related craft day.

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  1. Hi,
    I am actually trying to access the Alphabet Poster on your Mr. Printable website, but I am having trouble with it. I want to print the 24×36 poster for my son’s room, but I can’t save it or send it to a printer (Office Depot) to print because I have “insufficient permissions.” Is there a way around that? How can I print the poster? If you could let me know, that would be great – if not, I’ll keep trying to figure something out. Thanks!

    • Hi Brittney
      Sorry for the late reply! I’ve been busy working on the new site ^ ^
      I’ve uploaded the poster to my zazzle store because many people wanted to get them printed in large size by professional printers. Many printers don’t seem to be able to print our password protected files. You can purchase it in any size or paper you want from Zazzle. You can find it here: Hope this helps!