Koloro Wagon by Torafu Architects

Koloro Wagon by Torafu Architects


Stuff. Kids have a lot of it. And without long limbs and strong muscles, they need a little help lugging it all around. Introducing the gorgeous Koloro Wagon by Torafu Architects.

The mobile wagon is comprised of a set of three stackable storage boxes with handles, which can be separated and carried around like shopping baskets. It also has a sturdy axel and pair of wheels so it can form a nifty little trolley.


Known for their beautiful designs, Torafu Architects are also driven by building products with functional utility.


“In today’s world, one space may be used alternatively as a dining area, work area, and child’s play area,” say the designers. “What we propose here is a moveable storage cabinet to suit changing lifestyles, in terms of functionality and individual needs.”


The trays of the Koloro Wagon come in sky blue, white, yellow, dark green, pink and grey. Visit the Torafu Architects website for more information.


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