Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

A few of our favorite night light finds for kid’s rooms that will guarantee sweet dreams.
Some are products and some are for DIY inspiration. From little neighbourhood houses and woodlands to distant space.

Woodland Creatures

Favorite Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

This rabbit light will surely make you dream of sweet woodland friends.

It’s from a Belgian brand called Egmont famous for this bunny light, but they also have a fawn, squirrel and other animals, as well as adorable pink, red, gold and silver toadstool lights to make your room a woodland fantasy land.

This image of the rabbit light is from Cox and Cox in the UK.

Hot Air Balloon

Favorite Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

How about this vintage light from The Dolly Toy company to dream of adventures and far away lands. If you have a travel and adventure themed room, this will be perfect! The image is from here, you can sometimes find the lamp listed on etsy and ebay.

Little Floating Houses

Favorite Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

house lights

These cute house lights are designed by Gianni Plescias inspired by houses in Japan. Made by Volta Berlin. You can find them at this German site.

Celestial Lights

Favorite Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

You can choose from the moon or earth. They will look great glowing in the dark! Little ones who love the moon will love to have one in their rooms. Available from Urban Outfitters

The Tardis

Tardis Night Light

I had to include this! I don’t know if this will give kids sweet dreams, but they surely will find it a really cool thing to have.
And maybe the Doctor will come out of the Tardis and help out if they ever have nightmares about naughty aliens.
Found on Etsy.

Cloud Light

Favorite Night Lights for Sweet Dreams

This cloud light is just beautiful and will surely bring a good nights sleep to the little ones.
It was created and photographed by Alex Mire on flickr.
Get inspired and if you attempt to recreate one, make sure you use LED lights!

Upcycled Truck Light

DIY Truck LIght | Favorite Night LIghts for Kids

What kid wouldn’t love this? Get the tutorial for this brilliant upcycled old truck light from here.

Good night and sweet dreams.

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