TOTO –  The Toy Totem

TOTO – The Toy Totem

Meet TOTO, The Toy Totem. It’s a puzzle, a stacking toy and a lovely sculpture for the home. As you play with them you never know what they’ll look like the next minute! They keep changing their arrangements, heights and expressions as you wish.

TOTO is a new design from our Rock & Pebble. The first in a series of Toy Totems that you can stack, play and display!

TOTO The Toy Totem


The set comes with 6 ovoids (the egg shape) with holes drilled vertically and horizontally, 3 with hand-painted faces, made from solid maple wood in the USA. There’s a dome base and 4 dowels that you can combine to create many different heights. With these simple elements you can build your TOTO. However you choose to stack your TOTO there is always a sense of delicate visual balance.



We hope you like them! Hop over to Rock & Pebble today to say hello to TOTO !

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