French Alphabet Flash Cards

Voilà! L'alphabet Français! A set of free printable French alphabet flash cards, including upper and lowercase alphabet letters with easy french words with our lovely original illustrations. Excellent for children who speak french as their first language, bilingual children and students who learn their French in schools as a second language. Combine with our English alphabet flash cards for your multi-lingual learning material.

We have two different versions you can download – one with ‘une/un’ and another with ‘le/la’. A few words are the same as English cards – for example ‘flower’ is ‘le fleur’. The set includes words ‘bicyclette’, ‘cadeau’,’dinosaure’, ‘koala’,’lampe’, ‘jambon’ …etc. Tres jollie!


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9 Responses to French Alphabet Flash Cards

  1. When I print the 3rd page, only the “I for IGLOU” comes out. Coulds you please fix it or give me a link with the 4 letters. Thank you. And thank you for all your printables!

    • just copy the image above into word and enlarge and crop and print it. It comes out pretty good not exactly like all the others but works well enough. 😀

  2. Your site is a treasure! My kids keep asking me to go on it to find some new crafts to do. I’m a French mother of three and an English teacher and I love your creative work and your attention to details. It’s so nice to have some of the printables in French too!

    A huge thank you for sharing all of this!

  3. I can’t get the 3rd page to print correctly. I am unable to copy the image into word either. Please help! This is adorable.

  4. Bonsoir, j’adore votre site et je suis critique :
    vous mettez une Locomotive pour le W de Wagon…
    ensuite une Usine ne représente pas grand chose pour un enfant…
    enfin pour le mot Horloge il y a un Réveil matin “antique”, alors que les parents se réveillent avec le smart phone et vont chuchoter aux oreilles de leur enfants… 😉