Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards

Let’s learn ‘El alfabeto en Español’ ! : )We’ve been asked many times by our readers whether our alphabet flash cards will be available in Spanish. We’ve always wanted to do it and they are finally here – Hurra!

Hope these free printable spanish flash cards are useful at home for toddlers and preschoolers, learning their Spanish as a first language or for bilingual kids and students who learn Spanish.

The set includes A for abeja, B for bicibleta, C for casa through to Z for zapata.

Note: This set is now updated with the letter ‘Ñ’ (for Ñu) and not ‘Ch’ and ‘Ll’ anymore. Thanks for all your help and suggestions! Muchas gracias everyone!


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20 Responses to Spanish Alphabet Flash Cards

  1. These are the cutest Spanish flashcards I have found, but I wish they had CH and LL included. Why were those removed?

  2. I´ve just found your page through Pinterest… these cards are great! I actually speak Spanish (I’m from Peru), and these are perfect for my little girl. Thank you!!!

  3. They are great cards, thanks. But I tryed to print them and I always have problems with the page number three (I, J, K and L), only a big Iglesia can be printed, no clue about the other words of that page. Could u help me, please?. Thank u!

    • Hi Virgina
      I’m looking into it but can’t find anything wrong when I open it. All pages print fine for me. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on more. Did you try ‘fit to paper’ option (in your print setting)?

  4. hi, do i need a password for print? i go to officemax to print it and they ask me for a password that the pdf ask for print. 🙁

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I love these adorable flashcards, they will definitely get plenty of use with my children. I wanted to also request that ch and ll be added in perhaps not as part of the alphabet but as digraphs that are used and taught. My children are in Spanish immersion program and these letters are are still included and used as part of the learning program. Thank you so much!!

  6. I have been searching for alphabet anything and I finally found you! This is amazing. I might even print out other languages to learn along with my kids.. Muchisimas gracias

  7. This is great! Can’t wait to use it for my little. … Just a minor suggestion.. I wish Ww had a better word… is it supposed to be Windsurf?