Peg Dolls & Cardboard Sea Creatures

Have you met the adventurous peg dolls? It's summer and of course they are going to the sea for marine adventures! Make these fun sea creatures from cardboard and take your peg dollies on an ocean ride.


There are 6 sea creatures – whale, dolphin, shark, octopus, jellyfish and flying fish. Print the template and cut some cardboard, you can create them by simply slotting the pieces – no glueing needed. Parents can help cut them out because cardboard is not easy to cut for kids, they can then draw, decorate and slot each piece together. Slotting them is like a little puzzle. Make the peg dolls (See the tutorial from the previous peg doll page) and give them some swimsuits and even diving gear.

How to make
cardboard sea creatures

They are very straightforward, but the octopus could be a little confusing. I have marked numbers on the template so if you follow the order, it should be easy! Slot number 1 and 2 together first.

Slot in arm number 3 with the bigger gap at the bottom then number 4 as the last.

Ta-da! Your 8 armed octopus!

For the flying fish, make one long slot in the middle of the fish body and slot in 2 pairs of wings one after another.


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