Plastic Bottle Submarine Bath Toy

Can you make a cool bath toy with paper? Yes! With a little help from a plastic bottle! A clear plastic bottle is a great toy in itself for young children, just like an empty cardboard box. It can easily transform into many homemade toys and is just the perfect thing for a bath toy! We’re starting to explore what fun we can have transforming them.

Little ones don’t need anything else but their imagination to pretend a plastic bottle is a submarine. But we added a little extra story & color and made a version you can draw on (or glue the photos of ) your favorite people or animals to take on board for extra fun. Perfect for exploring the Sea of Tub : )

How to make
a plastic bottle submarine

First, print the template (choose your color or color your own) and trim it.
A good bottle size for this template is a 20 oz or 0.5l clear plastic bottle, the flatter the plastic surface the better. The length of the paper needs to fit into the straight part of the bottle. Trim it if you use a shorter bottle. Do not print on card stock paper as it makes it harder to roll and then unroll once inside. Thin inkjet quality paper is ideal.

Who do you want to take on your submarine adventures? Who are the captain and crew? Draw their faces or cut photos and glue them in the windows. Mom & dad, brothers, sisters, your dog or cat … are they all on board?

Roll your paper just enough so it goes through the bottle neck. Don’t roll it too tight or it will not unroll so well inside.
Once you push it through the bottle neck completely, let it unroll on it’s own inside. You can shake it a bit to help.

Close the bottle cap tightly, you’re now ready to dive and take everybody on your undersea adventures in the bath!


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