DIY Play Roads

by La Maison De Lou Lou

No matter what age you are, building a road way is always fun. It's also super easy with these printable road templates. There are plenty of combinations; let your imagination get going and show you the way! Bring some cars, trucks or any vehicles, let’s go on a road trip and discover the world.

In our house my kids are crazy about this printable project. They are playing, inventing, drawing and driving. You can simply print and play, connecting each piece as you go. I added a further little twist to it to make it last a bit better. I cut and glued road sections onto small cardboard pieces, and then, I laid out a large piece of paper on the floor (Wrapping paper roll) for the kids to color in and draw their imaginary scenes around the roads. After that we’re ready to hit the road! Pack your travel bag and go get your car!

How to make
your play roads

What you need

The printed road templates
some cardboard
wide wrapping paper roll (optional)

Have all your road templates printed and cut out.

Glue the road pieces onto cardboard and cut each of them.

Tape a large piece of paper on the floor.

Go build your own road and draw the scene.

Using the large paper roll works great because you can create new road routes and landscapes every time.

Have hours of fun road trips with your imaginative & creative play!


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