Egg Carton Lillies

This might be the easiest ever egg carton flower craft for kids. It includes all the fun of painting and making curly pipe cleaner parts, but is a super simple and quick eco project. It is especially good for the little ones to make for Mother's day so we've included a printable leaf template with little Mother's day messages as an option.

Follow our step-by-step tutorial below and grab your free template too!

How to make
egg carton lilies

What you need

egg cartons
paints and brush
pipe cleaners and some tape

Get some egg cartons. We have them piling up all the time!

You’ll need the cone-shaped middle bits. Tear them off like this.

Cut the corners with a scissors like this. It’s very easy but children – be careful with the scissors when you cut thick materials!

Paint them in your favorite colors. You can make white lilles or a big colorful bouquet.

Curl one end of your pipe cleaner around a pencil or brush, then pull it to stretch a bit. Make it long enough for the inside of the flower and leave enough length left straight for the stem.
We wanted to use yellow pipe cleaners (although it can be any color) but we only had old-style white cotton ones so we partly painted them yellow. You might have different looking pipe cleaners, just use whatever you have (wire, sticks…) creatively.
Make holes at the bottom of the egg carton cones with a sharp object. Don’t make the hole too big.

Put your curled up pipe cleaner through the hole.

You can put some tape around the bottom of the flower if needed.

Now try some lovely flower arranging in a small jar!

Or make some leaves to go with it! You can cut any paper you have in a leaf shape or print our template with messages for this. Pinch the end of the leaf around the bottom of the flower and tape it to fix.


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