Monster Bites! Clothespin Craft

These goofy monsters will clamp their teeth onto anything! If you have some small scrap pieces of wood and wooden clothespins, how about making these fun monster hangers for kids rooms? Plywood is ideal but a strong cardboard could also be used instead of wood, for hanging light items only.

With our examples here as a guide, create your own fun monster faces. They can ‘bite’ lots of lightweight objects – flash cards for learning activities or display any paper stuff like a kids chore list or note, as decorative hangers in kids rooms to store fabrics, craft materials, gloves & scarves… etc. These toothy monsters will help tidy up! Bringing life and colorful fun to any kids room!

How to make
the clothespin monster hangers

What you need

a scrap piece of wood or strong cardboard
handsaw (if you’re using wood) or craft knife
wood glue
pencil and paint

Place the clothespin on the wooden sheet or cardboard and draw around it with a pencil. This will be a nose and the clamping end the tooth. Draw a shape of a face around it and cut out to the size you want. We made 4.7 inch (12 cm) square shapes but it can be anything!

Sandpaper it to remove any rough edges.

Draw a fun monster face with a pencil. The end of the clothespin will be a tooth of the monster and the rest will be a nose.

Paint the monster face and the clothespin. Place the clothespin on the board and draw a line where it will be a tooth, then paint the tooth part white. See the photos closely then you’ll see!

Glue the nose (clothespin) to the face with strong wood glue.

Now the monster ‘tooth’ can ‘bite’ and hold many light weight objects! Mount them on the wall and enjoy!

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