Map of The USA Jigsaw Puzzle

Turn your map of the USA into a fun jigsaw puzzle and flagging game to play. This is a great activity for the whole family to play together. Here's a large version of our printable map of the USA in a few parts to make your puzzle, with a tutorial, plus a template for cute flags to make for extra fun. This makes a great geography activity and a family game for the 4th of July. Can you Unite the States?!

The flags include questions like ‘Mom was born here’, ‘Dad was born here’ etc … so you can combine family history with geography in this fun activity!

How to make &
play the USA jigsaw puzzle

Print the map template, cut and glue to the cardboard pieces.

Cut along the outline with a craft knife. Cut into as many pieces as you like. You can leave the big pieces as they are for an easy game or divide them into smaller pieces (individual states) for a more complicated jigsaw.

Make your flags with fun questions! Use the questions in the template and why not add your own questions. Wrap the strips around cocktail sticks.

Trim the sharp ends of the sticks. Also to prepare for the game, puncture small holes on the cardboard jigsaw pieces where the answers will be to make it easy for children to stick the flags on.

Add more questions, for example:
– Mom went to school here
– Grandpa was born here
– We went here last summer
etc, etc…

Let’s play! Firstly, finish the jigsaw puzzle! When you’ve finished your jigsaw, hand out the question flags and stick them in the right place on the map. Have fun!

You can mount the map on the wall for more geography activities and tape the flags flat on the map. Mark where everybody – relatives, friends- live on the map with the flags and frame it as wall art!

If you’d like to add a small American flag to this map, you can find them in our 4th of July printables.


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