Pop-Up House Party Invitation

This little party invite can pop out of your envelope into a 3D house. Look through the window, there's a party going on inside with confetti everywhere! We love a bit of surprise and excitement in a party invitation! Check out our rainbow party invitation for example.

This printable template comes in 2 pages to print on both sides of a sheet of paper. You’ll need to double check that you’re loading the paper in the right direction when you print on the reverse side.

How to make
the pop-up house party invitation

Print the first page of the template on double-sided inkjet paper. Turn over the printed page and check the orientation carefully and print page 2 on the reverse. Of course the reverse printing is an option. It has lots of confetti with the ‘It’s a party’ line plus some areas for when, where and rsvp, which appear inside the house that you can see through the window. You can skip printing page 2 and draw or write anything you want inside the house instead.

Cut the solid lines and score the dotted lines. Fold as shown in the photo. Cut and fold the small triangle tabs in the template. You’ll also need some thread and a needle.

Using a needle put a thread through a hole about two thirds up on the fold line of the house’s side panel and make a loop. Glue the small triangle tag as in the photo. Repeat on the opposite side of the house.

Knot the threads on the reverse side to fix them. Apply some tape if necessary. Fill in your party information!

Glue the tabs on the side and roof ridge. The final house should fold flat with the sides tucked in as in the photo.

It should have two strings on both sides with the triangle tags.

You can now pop it into an envelope. Finished!

When you pull the two strings together, abracadabra the folded house pops up into a 3d house!

If you look through the window, you can see the inside of the house full of confetti and information for the party.


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