Corkers by Reddish Studio

We drink and kids get the corks. Wines are such good value.

Cork trees (Cork oaks) are fantastic, they develop amazing thick bark that can be harvested every 9 to 12 years and the trees live about 150 to 250 years. It makes a wonderful renewable source, but seeing that you only harvest once in about 10 years, it’s surprising that they are so cheap and abundant. There must be millions of them growing.
Corks from wine bottles make great natural material for DIY toys, so don’t throw them away! (You’ll need to keep drinking to keep the supply coming.)
I’ll post some fun projects using them later!

In the meantime, enjoy these cute ‘Corkers’ for inspiration.
Reddish studio came up with a fun kit to transform the corks into robots and animals.

Cork robots kit by Reddish Studio

Cork animals kit by Reddish Studio

They are available from here.

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