Handmade for Kids: Lion Hearts

Mr Lion Heart by Jipi Jipi

We are in love with these super cool Pirate Lions from Jipi Jipi. Handmade in Hamburg, Germany, each toy has its own distinct personality, it’s face carefully hand embroidered and finished off with a mane of wool.

Mr Lion Heart by Jipi Jipi

Complete with everything a good pirate needs, Mr. Lion Heart has a gold tooth, a scar and a wooden leg. These are sure to be much loved toys that get handed down for years to come.

Mr Lion Heart by Jipi Jipi

Little Note from Mr P: I’m excited to introduce our new contributor Little Gatherer!

Little Gatherer is by two sisters who ‘grew up surrounded by coloured paper and dress up chests’ and is full of thoughtfully curated little treasures for little people. You’ll also read interviews with artists & designers, meet stylish kids on the street or take a tour of adorable kids rooms there – I’m feeling a little proud about introducing them on our blog and I’m sure you’ll love their finds!

Little Gatherer will bring you something they love here each week. They have fun themed weeks on their blog so don’t forget to visit them for more stylish gatherings!

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