Hello & Let’s Make Some Great Art!

Hello lovely readers!

This is the very first post from Mr Printables’s Blog – yay!
It’s so exciting to have a blog I feel like ‘I’m on a Boat!’ ; )

Since the Mr Printables site is built in quite a structured way it’s not easy to feature random projects or talk about our new favorite children’s books or toys casually. So I’m really happy to have this space I can use for all the randomness I wanted to share with my lovely visitors to the Mr P site.

I had a ‘blog’ which was a simple rss feed function within the site where I posted new printables updates (the ‘What’s New’ page from the left navigation bar on the site) but it was very limited and dull. I’d like to replace that with this ‘proper’ (woohoo!) blog from now on so if you’re subscribed to that feed, please change your subscription to this new blog! Thank you.

What I’ll be blogging here: Craft & DIY ideas for learning, playing and creating, favorite new sites, apps, books, toys and creative products, recipes, cool printables and fun projects for kids I find elsewhere on the web. Basically anything I find that I think is fabulous for kids, plus of course all the lovely new updates from the Mr Printables site.
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As a little post to start this new blog, I want to share some web pages I was very happy to find recently.

Wondermind is an online game made to accompany the Alice in Wonderland exhibition at Tate Liverpool in the UK.
There’s a video with scientists explaining amazing aspects of our brain to children and 4 fun online games to play. They are brainy games that involve different aspects of what our brain does – memory, logic, strategic thinking etc. They’re fun and quite addictive – not in a mind-numbing way but in a mind-sharpening way. There are also interesting and fun articles about the art of Alice in Wonderland and the science behind it. Go and explore!

Wonder Mind

Wonder Mind

source: wondermind.tate.org.uk

‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ is a site accompanying a wonderful book by illustrator Marion Deuchars. It lets you doodle on finger and hand prints online then share your drawings on Facebook, twitter or pinterest straightaway. Very cute!

These are my masterpieces.

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

source: letsmakesomegreatart.com

The book itself is over 200 pages of thought provoking and creativity inducing challenges for kids with beautiful drawings.
You can draw Mona Lisa’s smile (or put some moustache on her Marcel Duchamp style) or learn to make mobiles like Calder as well as creating cute finger print creatures.

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

Let's make some great art by Marion Deuchars

source: mariondeuchars.com

Check out her website to browse more.

And lastly, I saw this article talking about an upcoming movie and app combo project by Google and Disney called ‘Find your way to Oz’, which sounds like an accompanying web project to a new OZ film by Disney – interactive story telling and lots of innovative stuff is expected! But when I checked out the site mentioned in the article findyourwaytooz.com, it came back with a blank page with an error. Hm. The site is said to launch on the 5th Feb, so let’s keep our eyes on it.

That’s it for my first post!
Next week I’ll be posting a fun tutorial!

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4 Responses to Hello & Let’s Make Some Great Art!

  1. Yay!! I am so glad you have a blog! Thank you for your first post 🙂 I have actually been looking for a new art book for my children. They have just finished the Ed Emberley books and I was looking for something a little different and ‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ looks Perfect! Mr Printables is such a wonderful site, my children and I have completely enjoyed it, thank you for SHARING 🙂 I look forward to reading your blog.

    • Thank you Brittany! It’s so exciting for me to start a blog but somehow I feel a bit nervous, so thanks for your kind words. Also glad I have this post in good time for you! ; ) Love Ed Emberley books too!

  2. I’m so excited you have a blog! Your website is one of my favorites and I keep finding new ideas to teach/entertain my kiddos every time I visit.