Origami ‘Bipyramid’ Tutorial & What To Do With Them

Origami ‘Bipyramid’ Tutorial & What To Do With Them

The shape of this geometric origami is called ‘Triangular Bipyramid’. I know, a bit tricky for kids, but the origami itself is the easiest to make and has many fun uses.
To remember this name is actually straight forward. Bipyramid means two pyramid shapes mirrored back to back, and this pyramid has triangular sides, so there you go.

DIY origami bipyramid tutorial

DIY origami bipyramid tutorial

Here’s how:

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial
Cut a strip of paper with an even width. The width and length should be at least 1:4 or 1:6.
I just cut a rough length that looks long enough and adjust the final length as I make it.
Fold a small triangle on one end.

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial
Fold backward at the end of the triangle and repeat fold like an accordion.

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial

Fold the straight lines between the diagonals again to change the fold direction.

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial
Form the ‘Triangular Bipyramid’ by rolling the shape along.

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial
Wrap around the faces a couple of times to form a solid shape, trim off the end triangle and insert the final triangle part into a slit to close it up.

origami bipyramid step-by-step tutorial

Now, here are a few fun ideas using this origami.
Make them in many colored papers and in many different sizes!

DIY origami bipyramid tutorial
You can string them easily by taking out the last triangular piece, placing a string through and closing it up again. Or use a big needle and thread.

DIY origami necklace tutorial
Make a fun play time necklace!

DIY origami tutorial
Hang them as room decorations.

DIY origami garland tutorial
Make pretty garlands, a backdrop for a party or build mobiles.

DIY origami rainbow color sorting
Use them for a rainbow color sorting game.

DIY origami rainbow color sorting
Or color & size sorting!

DIY origami party favor tutorial
You can put small sweets inside and close up. I tried putting the same colored little treats in each rainbow color shape. A cute rainbow party favor I think!


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20 Responses to Origami ‘Bipyramid’ Tutorial & What To Do With Them

  1. Help! I’m stuck after the accordion, I think I’m overcomplicating this… haha I keep ending up with a 6 sided shape!

    • Hi Andrea, I think you’re doing it correctly, because it is a 6 sided shape! This triangular pyramid has 3 faces on each side. Maybe it looks simpler than you imagined! Hope you enjoy them : )

  2. These are also known as crane eggs, and you can even buy paper specially made for folding them!

  3. So adorable! I’m making these now. How did you keep the triangles suspended on the string for the mobile without having them all slip down to the end of the string? Thanks!

    • Thanks Jane! When I made them some slipped down but most didn’t so I just left them as they were. (I used a slightly chunky thread.) But I think you could just make a knot after the shape, or use tape inside the flap (the last bit) which won’t show when you close them up. Enjoy!

  4. so, cool, I will put treats in them and use them as a fun start to our Ancient Egyptian home school study unit and they can make the necklaces. I love your ideas.

  5. Hello! Im stuck in the accordion. HELP! This is really gorgeous, Im trying to do the necklace (:

  6. the directions are not as clear as they should be….I think this should be a step by step YOU TUBE instead

  7. oh you must discribe this tutorial a little bit better. i dont know how todo? do you know an youtube tutorial? i want to make this triangle but it doesnt work…. for me….

  8. Hello admin! I know this is an old post but I think It’s amazing and I really want to craft it but I can’t see any tutorial pics. please help me!!