Sounds of Play

Sounds of Play

Here are a couple of very special toys we’ve come across where sound is the core element of play.

Sounds of Play / Xyloba Musical Marble Run

Firstly, Xyloba! It’s a musical marble run!  You have modular marble run parts and ramps with xylophone pieces to construct any combination you want. As the marble runs, it hits the xylophone plates on every corner to create the tone. The length of the ramps also defines the intervals to create rhythm so you can play/compose a complete song. You can also experiment with wooden, glass or metal marbles for different sounds. Just marble-lous! They are handmade in the workshop of the Weizenkorn Foundation in Basel by people with mental and psychological disabilities. The workmanship looks seriously fantastic – an effort and quality so rare these days. It’s an ultimate toy I would’ve liked to have as a child instead of my piano!

See more on Xyloba US or the Swiss site.

Naef is another Swiss company that make toys of jaw dropping quality. There are many great classic Naef toys (need another post!) but today it’s about this Gloggomobile. I’ve seen many amazing barrel organs but however fascinating they are, most of them are not to be messed around with! With this kids version, you can move around the pegs to compose your own music box tune. I can’t think of a more enchanting gift for children with musical sensibilities. As for the price tag, it is something to be saved for a very special occasion but Naef toys are quite special. On our we-can-dream list!

Sounds of Play / Naef Gloggomobile

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  1. This is so beautiful and magical! I absolutely love that they are giving jobs to folks with mental disabilities. Shared this with my mother who is a teacher, I know she’ll want to buy one!